Unweil your deepest desires

Are you familiar with the work of psychologist Sigmund Freud? He believed that our desires work as a driving mechanism in our lives. Those desires are somewhere in the back of our minds, always nudging our conscious minds and trying to get our attention. Our minds, however, are more clever than that, and there are certain mechanisms, that help us keep those desires at bay. Oftentimes those desires have sexual character, and most of us are too afraid to acknowledge them, let alone act on them.


Well, if you are not one of those people, and you wish to explore your deepest desires, an erotic massage Tantra Diamond might help you with that. It`s not the kind of massage you will get in every salon. Tantric erotic massage is a full body massage, including the intimate area. This massage has first and foremost spiritual roots, and the goal is to help you arouse and release sexual energy and allow it to flow through your body. All this combined with relaxing music and pleasant scents will guarantee you a unique and unforgettable experience.
Before you come to the salon, you must make an online reservation. You can choose a masseuse based on pictures found on the website, who will be sharing this experience with you. Before the massage starts you will be asked to take a shower followed by a namaste ritual. This ritual allows you to honor your body, and it is a way of mentally preparing you for the massage itself.

masážny salón

Based on your experience and confidence, you can choose one of many programs offered by the salon. Some of them are suitable for beginners with little to no previous experience with tantric massage. For the less shy and more experienced ones, the salon offers mutual massages where you can actively participate in the process. This way, you are no longer just a passive receiver of energy, but you become a provider as well. There´s also a possibility to enjoy this experience simultaneously with your partner either together or in different rooms.